Quality policy

MACPLAST believes product and service quality Are key factors, in order to always ensure utmost Customer satisfaction.

The company is committed daily to eliminating defects, delays, errors and waste at every work phase, seeking continuous improvement through:

  • the involvement and empowerment of staff in the definition and achievement of corporate objectives,
  • the constant improvement of the training of workers and staff
  • the greatest possible exchange of information both internally and externally towards suppliers and customers;

Bureau Veritas 9001

The company considered it necessary to adapt the internal Quality Management System to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, developing it to provide valid tools for the constant monitoring of business processes. In this sense, the organization identified some of the primary processes and analyzed them by defining for each the objectives and resources necessary for their achievement:

  • New product research and development;
  • Improve design also by adopting new systems for simulation and verification;
  • Improve tests on new products by trying to recreate increasingly realistic situations;
  • Improve procurement management;
  • Have qualified and efficient suppliers;
  • Involve suppliers in continuous improvement;
  • Optimize production times and improve productivity;
  • Optimize delivery times and packaging quality;
  • Optimize warehouse management;
  • Decrease system non-conformities;
  • Decrease customer disputes and complaints;
  • Constantly improve the satisfaction perceived by customers;

Environmental Policy

Bureau Veritas 14001Macplast adopts an environmental management system compliant with UNI EN ISO 14001 and is committed daily to surpassing its performance through:

  • the improvement of plant energy efficiencythrough the installation of solar and geothermal power production plants, improvement of the air conditioning of the entire plant, etc.;
  • the improvement of the energy/production process ratiothrough the adoption of high-class tools and machinery and the use of more workable raw materials;Ecobrass
  • the use of high quality recyclable raw materials;
  • the separate collection of wastewith special attention to the correct disposal of toxic and polluting substances deriving from machinery;
  • the elimination of wastethrough process control and analysis;
  • the preparation of appropriate technical or technological measures for the prevention of pollution;
  • the monitoring and support of suppliers in relation to environmental compatibility.

Macplast considers that, to achieve the objectives set in environmental and quality policies, professional growth and staff training are essential. The Management encourages operators in particular to help improve process performance and prevent deviations from established process or product requirements.