Founded in 1985, Macplast has specialized in the production of fittings and special parts for water and gas pipelines from the outset.

The company, always in search of productive and qualitative improvement, invests resources both in staff training and in technological innovation, becoming over the years a reliable partner with great productive potential.

In 2008, Macplast moved to the current Belforte all’Isauro headquarters in a new and cutting-edge energy efficiency structure.

From an energetic point of view, the whole building is self-sufficient as it uses geothermal and solar energy to properly heat and cool offices, production facilities and fully meet electricity needs.

Numerous investments in the latest generation of machinery have given an industrial footprint to the company, which today uses predominantly automated processes and systems, while retaining the benefits of a small business, in terms of flexibility.

Today, Macplast, now affirmed in the Italian context, is actively present in more than 60 countries and can boast collaboration with major companies for the construction of water and gas pipelines, water and gas civil plants, fuel distribution plants and service stations, etc.

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