Process verification and product control are key to ensuring high quality products and timely deliveries.
The Macplast Quality System is a rigid system, based on both existing standards and controls tailored to the specific needs of the company.
Corporate specifications divide controls into three steps:


Each raw material, semi-finished material and other incoming material is located in the appropriate area where the quality control manager performs sample checks.


The cardinal point is to store goods already checked and ready to be shipped; to do so, all production processes are monitored by the staff responsible.


Products are located in the appropriate area where they remain until they are defined as conform by the Quality Control Manager.
The following are controls on finished products:

- verification, at the start of the new production batch, of the first pieces in order to calibrate the process giving way to production,

- taking a sufficient number of pieces for each batch on which to carry out laboratory tests and pressure tests,

- dimensional control of the product during the various production phases with frequency pre-determined by the Quality Control Manager.

When the batch is complete and when the results of the lab tests are ready, the Quality Control staff affixes the sticker of conformity on the pallet/s to be placed in the warehouse.

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